Award Winning Illustration: Octane Hyperpeek
Most spinal implants focus solely on strength and durability. The Octane Exo Spinal implant combines extra strong bioceramics with the structural integrity of a thermoplastic polymer. This novel 2 material approach results in an innovative spinal implant that promotes surface-to-core integration and intervertebral strength. The biologically active scaffold (white latticework), enables progressive replacement of the material with natural bone, creating a stable and robust biological interface.  
Assignment was to create a dynamic marketing piece highlights the implants unique 2 part structure. The implants anatomical use location was shown to orient the viewer to where it is typically used. Since full surgical placement varies and requires additional 3’d party hardware, it was important to show a typical use location in a non-surgical artistic way to focus the viewer on the implant and specifically not represent a full surgical representation.
To achieve this, the majority of the spine was rendered in a high-tec stylized manner while realistically representing the implant and neighboring tissue to guide the viewers focus to the implant and not a particular surgical approach. Background incorporated brand colors and a close-up view of the scaffold material. 
Challenges included custom modeling of both the inner and outer shell of the implant as the latticework mesh structure is created using a chemical process so no CAD model existed. Visit Octane's website to see more images produced for this project.
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