Award-Winning Illustration:
Controlling the Speed and Trajectory of Evolution with Counterdiabatic Driving
Physics principals behind influencing the movement of "cold atoms" by controlling their environment are evolving from strictly atom control into novel uses by evolutionary physicists to influence the "evolution" of the natural mutation seen in medicine, bio-pharmacology and agriculture. In this image blue cold atoms are controlled by optical lattices, represented by egg-crate like pits. Conversely, in evolutionary physics, the migratory charting of mutations are shown using fitness landscape charts that, instead of pits, create mountains or a mirror of what's seen with atoms. With an intentional nod to Darwin, the father of evolution, blue atoms are evolving into Darwin finches representing the "evolution" and introduction of cold atom concepts into the world of nature physics. Cold atoms tend to migrate to the bottom of lattices where as charting of mutations show patterns of migration towards the peaks with some making poor choices and getting lost and dying out along the way. Illustration was produced for use as the cover of a journal and subsequent collateral materials.
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