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Get to know a little bit more about Wayne and his background, skills, and medical illustration achievements.
New! 2020
Wayne image: "Controlling the speed and trajectory of evolution with counterdiabatic driving" recently receives award of merit from the Association of Medical Illustrators in their 2020 Virtual Salon.
New! 2020
Recently honored as one of the featured artists in the Debbie Irwin Voiceovers medical artist interview series. In her new Drawn Together series, Debbie interviews some of the now-famous artists who have created the Coronavirus (Covid-19) imagery known around the world. Get a behind the scene perspective on Wayne's background and influences. 
Certified Medical Illustrator Wayne Heim is a Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate of the 5 year program at the Cleveland Institute of Art in Cleveland Ohio. 

Along with extensive fine art and technical medical illustration training, education included graduate-level anatomy classes through Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Courses included: gross anatomy, biology, physiology, embryology, neurology, histology, and pathology.

Through a special exchange with the Medical College of Georgia (MCG), Wayne also spent part of his undergraduate time studying graduate level surgery and illustration techniques at MCG. 

After receiving his BFA, Wayne gained valuable medical illustration experience working as a full-time medical artist for a Cleveland-based hospital and a local medical-legal company. Adding to his versatility, Wayne gained valuable experience and insight into marketing and advertising while working as the senior illustrator/designer for a Cleveland-based advertising agency. Responsibilities included not only illustration production but things like, ad conception, print production, copy writing, logo design, and client management. 
Today, Wayne manages and runs a successful full-time freelance medical illustration business. He consults and produces medical artwork for a variety of publishers, product manufacturers, physicians, museums and corporations.
The Old School Look - Traditional Medias
As one of the last generations of medical illustrators fully trained in producing illustrations in traditional media, Wayne brings a unique artistic flair to his work. With the advancement of the digital age of computer illustration, many of these traditional techniques are being simulated now via the computer. To truly know the media and technique now being replaced by digital versions helps bring a unique perspective to his work. Wayne's ability produce work in a host of traditional media including pen & ink, watercolor, colored pencil, and air-brush enhances his artistic understanding and complimented the look and feel of his digitally based illustration techniques. 

Digital Revolution - Embracing the Past While Exploring Future
Wayne is an accomplished digital illustrator; fully versed in creating vector, raster (painted), and 3-D  illustrations. Most of his work currently involves Photoshop and 3-D based illustration and custom 3-D model building.  He utilizes a host of state-of-the-art applications to produce stunning visualizations for the web, print and animation. These applications include:  Photoshop, Lightwave 3D, Keyshot, Poser, Zbrush, among others.

Though specializing in orthopedic illustration work, Wayne's knowledge and experience covers a full range of medical, biological and scientific subjects from histology to cave men. He routinely produces illustrations for both medical and commercial applications.

Wayne Heim maintains his status as an active member of the Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI), is Board Certified and has received the rank of "fellow" from the association for his years of contributions.

He has served as an elected member of the Board of Governors for the AMI and the Vesalius Trust (Non-profit wing of the AMI), and has twice chaired the Corporate/Meeting Sponsorship committee for the AMI.

Just some of the clients we've helped tell their stories:

Bioenterics, Inc.

Caldwell Creative

Cerner Corporation

Chronicle Publications

Encore Orthopedics

Friskies, Inc.

Gliatech, Inc.

Icon Interventional Systems, Inc.

KGH Marketing
Wright Medical Technology, Inc.

Individual physicians and researchers

Health Museums

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