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Award-winning, creatively crafted visual stories for medicine and science.

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Trying to hire a seasoned medical illustrator: Look no further, welcome to the award winning medical illustrations of Wayne Heim, a certified medical illustrator with over 30 years experience. Explore illustration samples and learn about his experience, medical and art training, and get insight and answers to common questions about the field of medical illustration. 
Wayne Heim, CMI
Wayne continues expands his medical knowledge and illustration skill-set by maintaining the designation of board certified medical illustrator - CMI (What goes into becoming a CMI?) and is an active professional member of the Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI). With his years of experience in the field, Wayne continues to amaze clients with his creative, accurate, and captivating images for the scientific, medical, and medical device community.

Know the Subject - Know the Audience
While specializing in orthopedic medical illustration and 3D modeling / sculpting and medical device renderings, Wayne produces engaging, cost effective medical visuals for all types of allied health, scientific, and commercial illustration projects. Each of his medical image is crafted to not only be accurate but the style, color, and presentation is selected to maximize the engagement with the projects target  audience.
Creative, Interactive, Illustrated
Experience, education, and working with a professional certified medical illustrator does makes a difference. Browse the illustration galleries and explore samples of different styles and techniques Wayne uses to create accurate, creative, medical art for clients around the world. Clients like: museums, device and product manufacturers, medical companies, magazines, researchers, physicians, textbooks, and newspapers.
Hire a Medical Illustrator - Certified Medical Artist

Medical Illustration helps tell stories.

How will you tell your story?
"Telling the right story in the 'right way' is key."
Different audiences and different markets all require different approaches to visual storytelling. Understanding clients' communication goals and the needs of their target audience (and/or limitations) is key to creating successful illustrated "medical stories". 
Quality medical illustrations showcase products and explain a client's concepts in an engaging, educational, easy to understand, and memorable way. Doctors don't talk to each other the same way they talk to patients and neither should your illustrations. Wayne's custom visual solutions are tailor-made to resonate with, and to be clearly comprehended by your audience; maximizing your message delivery and impact.
"First step is listening"
Good medical illustration is more then just a flashy picture. The first step is always listening to our clients and understanding what each visual "needs to do" and "whom" it is being designed to reach.  Once identified, a cohesive strategy that includes visual style, color, presentation, format, and budget is crafted to help clients successfully tell their visual stories.
Medical Illustration by certified medical illustrator Wayne Heim showing protective operative covering.

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"Meticulously Produced Illustrations"
Illustrations are meticulously produced utilizing a wide range of styles; giving you, the client, the highest level of flexibility.  When it comes to creating that right look for the story being told, the detail, color, style, and look of the images can be just as important as the medical information being presented.  From graphic design to traditional illustration techniques (including pencil, watercolor, and airbrush); from digital techniques including vector line art to high-end 3D illustrations and custom 3D model building and sculpting, Wayne creates high quality, creative solutions to suit all types of projects and budgets.
Custom Solutions
Be it: editorial, surgical, device renders or product illustration, marketing and brand identity visuals, logo design, story boarding, custom 3D modeling, or animation, Wayne has the background and expertise to bring stunning solutions to your project on time and on budget.
Not sure what illustration style is right for you? 
Take a trip to the "portfolio" section for some creative inspiration. In the different portfolios you will find a wide selection of samples that showcase just some of the many medical illustration solutions that have helped clients successfully tell their story. Don't see exactly what you are looking for? Give Wayne a call and he'll be happy to help and explore options that fit your needs.

 Looking for "Stock Medical Illustration"? ...
or see something on the site that already fits your needs? 

See an illustration you like or looking for something specific? Call today to see which medical visuals are available for commercial license "as is" or ask about customization. Or inquire about how a similar image can be custom created from scratch to exactly fit your needs. With years of experience working in the field of orthopedics, be sure to ask about our vast library of spine and orthopedic illustration
Are You Getting Noticed?
The medical field is crowded with visuals. Visual imagery all fighting for the attention of your audience. Hiring the right medical artist. A certified medical illustrator with the experience and expertise is key to getting your message across to your audience.

Wayne Heim Medical Illustration
Stand out from the crowd. Whether big or small, complex or simple, every client and every project receives the same full creative insight, experience, and attention.  See just how captivating, one-of-a-kind medical visuals can help you successfully tell your story.  

Orthopedic illustration of medical devices and product illustrations

Orthopedic 3D Product Illustrations

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